FPGA-based Binocular rangefinder

FPGA-based Binocular rangefinder

Lu Yao, Sun Wenrui

South East University



This work has designed Binocular rangefinder based on FPGA that can seamlessly fuse display screens of multiple projectors and provide higher resolution. Starting from the development situation of the current equipment, on the basis of normal binocular rangefinder, increase the joystick control, improve the methods of distance measuring, different perspectives of probable function strengthen the same direction, and according to the basic principle of stereo vision range can generate the corresponding stereo imaging system model, based on the design of a portable range finder of high precision, stable performance.

Based on the binocular rangefinder, we can realize the distance detection function of static objects (the observation point is 3.5 meters away), as well as the function of capturing and detecting the real-time distance of moving objects. The device can be integrated, easy to control, easy to carry the practical significance.

OV7670 camera is adopted, which can output 30FPS color images with a maximum resolution of 640*480 per second. It has the functions of small size, low operating voltage and complete image functions. We control by SCCB bus and configure OV7670 register with FPGA to output 640*480 resolution RGB565 images. FPGA collects pixel points at 25MHz frequency and stores them in SRAM.

Video direct memory read (VDMA) has 5 data buses. AXI4_LITE configures the bus for registers. In this design, it is called by PYNQ built-in driver. Axi4-stream is video signal. In this design, only write channel directly from video Stream signal is used to write DDR. Within ZYNQ, the DDR controller is controlled by using the High Performance AXI Slave Port(AXI_HP) channel.

The innovation point of this work is:

1.Vivado HLS was used to optimize the image processing algorithm in parallel.

2.High speed image processing, high efficiency, high reliability of machine vision algorithm;

3.Add the function of rocker to realize the operation of selecting points on the screen and enhance the interactivity;

4.Overlay is designed independently when two cameras are shooting simultaneously and displaying and processing simultaneously.


System Architecture



Design Demonstration






发布时间:2019-07-27 20:14
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